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Seham Hariz, Counsellor

Language: Arabic and English

Modality: Integrative

I offer a blend of solution based counselling as well as explorative; getting to understand the real you and how to best work out your issues.


Tahneya Alboraiki, Counsellor

Language: Arabic and English

Modality: Integrative

I provide you with a safe, honest, and empathic space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours without Judgement. You can come and talk to me about anything that is making life difficult for you, I can support you in exploring your situation, I want you to
feel seen, heard, and safe.

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Fatemeh Mokri, Counsellor

Language: Farsi and English

Modality: Integrative

I put my clients’ best interests at the heart of my practice and endeavour to tailor their individual therapeutic needs to achieve desired outcomes.

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Sara Salih, Counsellor

Language: English, Norwegian, Arabic, and Swedish

Modality: Integrative

I use an integrative approach that's tailored to your specific needs, so that you can feel respected, understood, and valued throughout your journey. My goal is to explore your situation, identify your needs, and together develop a plan to help you achieve your goals improve your communication, and cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness and self-compassion.

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Desh Mofidi, Counsellor

Language: Farsi & English
Modality: Integrative

I offer integrative counselling, offering a person centred approach where your feelings can be explored further, as well as a solution-focussed approach to address the goals you wish to reach through counselling.


Bogdana Leete, Counsellor

Language: Ukrainian, Russian & English

Modality: Integrative

I will be led by you and what matters to you and will support you throughout your counselling. Talking about you, in a space without judgment, to build a deeper understanding of yourself without fear, can be incredibly rewarding.


Caitlin Lee

Community Outreach Coordinator

Language: English


Caitlin focuses on making connections within the community and actioning strategies to better help our service users.

She manages the smooth daily running and scheduling of the organisation.

Image by Phillip Larking

Reem Gummad,
Engagement Practitioner

Language: English and Arabic

Reem has been on our team from the very beginning. She provides valuable administrative support to both clients and counsellors, whilst also keeping our referral system up to date.


Laura Hogan,
Trainee Art Therapist

Language: English

Modality: Person-centred Creative Therapy

Laura is an international student at the University of Chester. She has a background in Art and Neuropsychology and runs group and individual Art Therapy sessions.

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Naba Madani,

Language: English, Arabic

I offer a warm, calm, safe and confidential space for you to explore, understand and process your thoughts, emotions and experiences. 




Kadir Karahan,

Language: English, French, Greek, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Turkish

Modality: Intergrative

My therapeutic approach is integrative, which means I draw upon elements from a range of theories in order to facilitate and support you with exploring your life, gaining perspective and increasing self-awareness in a way that has the most meaning for you.




Silvia Checa Casals,

Language: English, Spanish, French, Catalan

Modality: Integrative


Clients are unique, and as such, there is no “one approach or theory” that suits everyone so I work with whatever clients bring to the room, to support them in making sense of their experiences.



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Gründer und Vorstandsmitglied


Seham Hariz gründete Mind Clarity und sitzt im Vorstand, der die Richtung überwacht, die die Organisation einschlägt. Sie ist beide leidenschaftlich über das tägliche Laufen von  Mind Clarity - ist die erste Anlaufstelle für alle neuen Freiwilligen -  sondern hat auch die Zukunft fest im Blick und was Mind Clarity erreichen kann.



Sharon Munroe

Sharon Munroe bringt einen reichen Erfahrungsschatz in den Vorstand ein, da sie seit vielen Jahren erfolgreich ihr eigenes CIC, Equilibrium North West, leitet und die Menschen in der Gemeinde unterstützt. Sharon und arbeitet auch als Unternehmensberaterin mit Spezialisierung auf Gesundheits- und Sozialfürsorge. 




Rachel Agnew  begann ihre Beratung mit Reise-Freiwilligenarbeit bei Mind Clarity und ist begeistert, ein Teil der wachsenden Organisation zu sein. Sie bringt ihre Erfahrung aus der Zusammenarbeit mit mehreren Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen im Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen ein.

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